Art of Sucre

    Alina D 1 Review

    9 months ago


    Wait for the hype to go down to order from this store or order 2 - 3 months ahead of your event. I placed an order on tiktok shop for an event. The expected delivery date said from 10/13 to 10/23, on 10/13 the labels were created and nothing has happened since. I tried contacting the store through tiktok but no one answer, I sent an email and I got an automatic reply and after my second attempt through email I got a reply asking if I placed the order through tiktok shop, I answer and I haven’t received an answer since. I tried contacting them through Intagram and they said to contact them via email. I commented on one of their post in Instagram and they deleted my comment and blocked from commenting, mind you other people commented the same as me and they weren’t blocked. I understand they went viral but they clearly can’t handle the amount of orders and on top of that not replying when I was just trying to get an update.