• Qure LED Mask

    zil D 1 Review

    2 months ago

    I would advise strongly against purchasing from this company. I purchased my mask back in late 2021 / early 2022 and immediately straight out of the box it wouldn't charge because the charging cable wouldn't fit into the charging slot. I then spent a long time having a back and forth and asking to send my mask back, and instead they just sent me a new cable in the post. This cable fitted but barely - it kept falling out and I had to stand the mask a very specific way for it to charge at all. When fully charged, the charge didn't last long, but I have a busy life so figured that because it was charging I would leave it at that. I then hardly got a chance to use it in my regimen for the next year, and have only began using it regularly the past 6 months. During that time, the charge has progressively gotten worse and worse, to the point that a full hours-long charging session would deliver about 9 minutes worth of power. I took to just charging it every day in order to use it a single time, and this morning it stopped working at all. This is a badly made product, and the company conveniently have now replaced their previously human customer service chat with a chatbot, presumably because everyone is contacting them about broken or faulty masks. This product was INCREDIBLY expensive and a huge investment I made for my rosacea on the advice of doctors. What an appalling waste of money, plastic and electronics. For the same price I could have gotten multiple much more powerful in-office treatments. I repeat, DO NOT BUY from this company.