D C 1 Review

    10 months ago

    Potential customer

    I ordered the wrinkle filler as my daughters wedding was approaching and I wanted to try the product. I promptly ordered it through the invity website. I realized after I placed my order that I forgot to put on the 10% discount code so I asked if they could please apply it ($6.80 no big deal but thought I’d ask). Two days later I received an email saying that they canceled my order. I wrote them back and said that time is of the essence and I would’ve appreciated them asking me before they canceled my order. I used no profanity and was not rude. It is good customer service to ask the customer if they would like to continue their order or cancel it given that they were unable to process the discount. I promptly went back into the site and re-ordered using the appropriate code. All was well I thought until this afternoon when I got an email saying that they canceled my second order as well. DO NOT DO BuSINESS with this company. Very disappointing customer service. I guess it all worked out out because I see on Trustpilot that this product got a 1 star review and said it was like sticky water. Thank you! I saved $65 + shipping and tax!