Jessica B
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8 months ago
🤝Friends with Hullwinkle


I've had neck pain for the last few years. I sit at a desk all day, and then I teach or take spin classes, so am constantly hunched over. I used to sleep with two pillows for neck support, but found I woke up stiff. I didn't think I'd love Hullwinkle honestly -- I love fluffy pillows and am not a firm mattress kind of person. But I have to say, this works. I've been sleeping on my Hullwinkle for about 3 months, and I no longer wake up with a stiff neck. I'm actually at the point where I am bummed when I travel because I can't take it with me and my sleep isn't as good. I'll have to get a one to bring in my suitcase! Also loved the touch that the card insert can be planted to grow flowers. This is a brand truly living its values!


The product is great! One thing that would be nice is if the pillow came with instructions -- like based on goal / pain area, how to adjust the pillow to fit you best.

Lovely customer supportHigh qualityInnovative productWorth the money 💸Works really wellComfortableEco-friendly packagingSustainable productsLove the brand's mission 💕
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