• Harry's

    Michael N 1 Review

    4 months ago

    After years of buying expensive Mach 5 blades from Gillette I decided to give my wallet a break and Harry's a try. The online buying process was fine, the product looks good, the price is about 50% of Gillette's... BUT the blades don't cut well. I dry shaved with a brand new Harry's blade and I still could feel stubble. I followed with a 3-week old Gillette blade and got significant additional hair off my face. I repeated the test several times over the next few weeks, using water and shaving cream also. The Harry's blade doesn't do a very good job. On 2-3 day stubble it's downright painful. It doesn't cut when you go with the flow and if you go against the flow it catches and pulls. Really nasty! I have a coarse beard and tough skin. For me the razor does not work well at all.