Kind Science

    Ann D 1 Review

    10 months ago

    I tried the firming Serum and the eye cream and saw no results. I checked to see if I could get a refund but it was over 30 days. Today I checked my bank account and saw 2 charges to PayPal from kind science. I immediately called them because I wasn't aware of having a subscription with them. They said it was already shipped and if I wanted a refund then I need to pay the Shipping fee. I got home and looked at my original order. At the bottom it says, in 2 months I'd be charged 41.65 to my PayPal account. I didn't understand why there was only 1 product listed. On this original receipt I was charged 41.65 and 57.80. I went back to PayPal to see what I was charged this time. I was charged 68.73 and 51.32 I also realized while looking at PayPal was there was 2 different order numbers. I called kind science and pointed out that neither one of the products was 41.65 She said that was the price before Shipping. I then said, so I have 2 orders being shipped in 2 different boxes, being shipped on the same day, to the same address and being charged for shipping twice? She said, "yes"! Who does business like that????


    1sr, they should send an email to remind people of the subscription. 2nd, ship products TOGETHER! Charging people twice for shipping is crooked.