• Qure LED Mask

    Jodi A 1 Review

    7 months ago

    I am in the process of trying to return my unopened box. I saw other reviews (on Youtube) stating that once the box is opened you won't be allowed to return the product. I got scared and immediately began contacting Qure Skincare. They required me to prove that the box was unopened. I sent several pictures showing the shipping box fully intact and unopened. I'll keep you all posted as to how it works out and I will give them proper credit if they do make good on their return policy and send me a return authorization. In the meantime I've contacted AMEX for support and filed a pre-emptive claim. I would be very cautious when purchasing this item. Once you open the box you are out of luck. **Update 4/28** I received a return authorization this morning, shipped the package back and will update here as to my refund process. **Update 5/9** I have received a full refund. My review still stands though. Be very cautious before you purchase as opened boxes cannot be returned.