• Musely

    Anita S 1 Review

    8 months ago

    I have been using the spot cream to help get rid of the dark spots on my face and was pleasantly surprised by how well the treatment works. I saw a difference within the first 3 weeks of using it and after 60 days, my spots are pretty much completely gone. It feels great having spotless skin and to have found something that works! I recently ordered the anti-aging night cream to help treat mt wrinkles on my face and already love it! You can still use both products together, which makes it very easy. The ordering process is very easy and it only takes a few minutes to fill out the questionnaire and send your photos. I was also able to reach out to an actual dermatologist at Musely for direct advice.


    If you are interested in trying Musely, I think it's important to keep in mind that the products are prescription strength, meaning that it may take some time to get adjusted to the ingredients like tretinoin and hydroquinone. But once you've established a nice routine, the treatments are very effective! Also recommend utilizing the resources that Musely provides such as eNurse app and reach out to your assigned dermatologist for advice.