Vonny J 1 Review

    a year ago

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    Jazeena’s body serum candle helps me to feel like I’m having a spa experience when I don’t have time to go to spa or when I look for a budget-friendly self-care. The aroma and the warmth from the candle (rose scent) puts me into a relaxed mood after long-hours and stressful days at work. The body serum candle moisturizes my skin well and doesn’t make my skin feels sticky. My skin feels smooth after several applications. Don’t be fooled by the subtle fragrance as the serum is melting because it smells wonderful after applying it on my skin after showering that can last overnight. Since then, I have purchased the serums as gifts to my family and friends. In addition, I love the simplicity and versatility of the serum’s container where it reminds me to enjoy life in its simplicity and how I can use it for other purposes, such as mini plant pot. Thank you, Jazeena, for creating these products that help us to unwind and smell the roses!