Jina S 1 Review

    a year ago

    Some of my favorite things in 1!! Candles, fragrant smells, moisturizing and self care <3 Such a unique concept and so effective. My skin is pretty sensitive, so I loved that I knew everything that was in this serum and that my skin responded well to it. A candle can be so simple, but being able to use it as a body serum, esp after a long day and a nice bath plus with the beautiful branding, just amplifies how special self-care can feel like!! Its so perfect as a gift too, being able to share that experience with family and friends


    No feedback for the makers but for people considering this brand: for a candle it can seem expensive, but remember that this is way more than a candle. You’re paying for quality moisturizing for your skin as well as a nice, enjoyable experience!