Week 40, 2020:
Brands spotted

This week, we've seen grow-at-home fruit and veg, sleep tonics and a condom brand that wants to promote gender equality within relationships.

On a similar note, we also spotted Kön, a Swedish brand that has just two products (a pair of underpants in black, and the same design in white), which it says can be worn by anyone of any gender. While the brand promotes simplicity, perfecting the design has not been quite so straightforward, with Dezeen reporting that it took three years to develop, using a mix of elements from both men's and women's underwear.

What new brands have you spotted this week?


The grow-your-own veg and herb subscription for gardeners who don't know what they're doing.


Huzzy is a vegan condom brand based in the Netherlands. Sexual equality for everyone should be the norm.


One fit for any gender. Made from plant-based textiles and comes in recycled paper packaging.


A low calorie, low alcohol spirit made in England using sustainably-sourced plants. With just 6% ABV, you can satisfy that thirst to have a drink minus the hangover the next day.

Corsa Co.

Botanical tonics to transport you across time and space. Entirely plant-made with 85% less sugar than soda.

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