Week 35, 2020:
Brands spotted

This week, we've spotted a sports-themed "sex stuff" company, a curated wine subscription service and yet another beauty brand launched by a social media star.

We're also intrigued by Wanda Box, a new subscription service that's built specifically with pandemic-era dining in mind. For £40 a pop, Wanda will send what you need to create a restaurant-quality dining experience at home, featuring cocktail glasses, themed playlists, wall hangings and some hard-to-find, gastronomic ingredients. All that's left is for the chef – you – to pick up what's left on the shopping list and whip up something delicious.

What new brands have you spotted this week?


Hand-picked wines at affordable prices, delivered to your door.


Condoms & lubes anyone would be proud to buy in public – delivered discreetly.

Usual Wines

A large glass of real wine, by the bottle. Zero sugar, zero additives, just grapes, water, and sunshine. Usual Wines bottles (and cans) single-serve wine, delivered directly to your door.


Wanda Box elevates at-home dining with seasonal menus, restaurant-quality ingredients and paired playlists, delivered to your door.

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