Week 32, 2020:
Brands spotted

This week, we’ve come across herbal subscription boxes, living vinegars, and a supplement brand that wants to coach its customers to better sleep.

We also spotted Muri Lelu, a skincare brand that’s showcasing the beautifying qualities of cannabis and has a co-founding team that’s keeping its identity strictly under wraps. It begs the question: does a fresh brand need a captivating, public-facing founder to succeed? Muri Lelu’s approach does indeed go against the grain, and it’ll be interesting to see how it compares to Forvr Mood and ONE/SIZE (both founded by YouTube celebs) over time when it comes to maintaining press and consumer attention. But after the never-ending stream of founder exposé stories that have been published in the past 18 months, maybe it’s time brands just let their products speak for themselves.

What new brands have you spotted this week?

Herby Box

Health-boosting herbal blends tailored to match wellbeing goals. From boosting your immune system to improving brain health, Herby makes it simple and easy for you to do so naturally.


No added sugar, agave tequila seltzers mixed with organic juices.


Closed-loop yoga mats. Made from recycled materials, hejhej-mats can be returned and recycled at the end of their lifetime.

Forvr Mood

A candle brand developed by Youtuber and beauty influencer Jackie Aina.


A holistic approach to sleep wellness? Proper combines supplements and 1:1 coaching to help you sleep better.


A cultured fruit and vegetable concentrate that also contains beneficial probiotics. Mix with sparkling water or add to cocktails.


Innovation at the intersection of headwear and haircare? Layd sells hats with removable and washable silk linings, to keep your hair healthy and damage free.

Muri Lelu

Skincare products and face oils made from organic indica, hemp and other plant extracts.


An inclusive, body positive makeup brand from YouTube personality Patrick Starrr


Plant-powered bug killers you're not afraid of — home pest control redesigned for the 21st century.

Acid League

Experiments in acid? Acid League makes flavor-tripping living vinegars, drinks, sauces, condiments and beyond.


Shoes made with natural materials, including corn fibre and algae. Hylo is the sportswear brand for Planet.


Drink your meditation? Moment is a drink made using natural, adaptogenic ingredients, designed to let you reset and find clarity.

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