Week 30, 2020:
Brands spotted

It’s beginning to feel a lot like summertime. This week, we’ve spotted a new brand selling precision charcoal grills, a comfy-to-wear SPF line, and an ice-cream company that’s focusing on bold, refreshing flavours.

We’ve also spotted Faculty, a brand that’s tapping into the mainstreamification of men’s cosmetics, starting with its line of nail polishes. It’ll have A$AP Rocky and Harry Styles to thank for bringing male manicures to the fore.

What brands have you been testing?

Fresh Sends

Curated bouquets of fresh flowers, just like you'd pick up at the market, paired with playful cards for all occasions.

Spark Grills

Precision grilling? Spark makes charcoal barbecues that are as easy to use as gas.


A clean wine brand founded by Cameron Diaz and Katherine Power that focuses on transparency.


The future of Latinx hair care? Ceremonia is a hair brand rooted in Latin heritage.


Feel like your best self every day with amino acid infused mood chews that are designed to lift your mood.


Organic pantry supplies, sold in bulk and fairly priced.


Paint that purifies the air? Gush wants to create healthier living environments, using sustainable paints that not only have no toxic emissions but also eliminate airborne pollutants indoors.


An origami bottle that collapses down to 80% of its original volume.

Everyday Humans

SPF that feels like skincare? Everyday Humans® makes sunscreen that is comfy to wear.


Healthy, chewy oat cookies for kids, handmade in Yorkshire.


A new era of grooming? Faculty is a cosmetics brand for men, starting with nail polish.


Luxurious, clean skincare at transparent and affordable prices.

Marco Sweets & Spices

Culinary-inspired ice cream rooted in a love for travel and honoring diverse, global ingredients and flavors.


Dermatologist-backed scalp care for naturally textured hair.

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