Week 22, 2020:
Brands spotted

Concentration potions, pre-packaged sourdough starters, and plant-powered spirits. COVID-19 may not be stopping new brands from launching, but some themes are emerging among those debuting during the pandemic.

Brands launching today need to make it ultra clear how they are giving back – as seen with Jupiter donating 5% of profits to mental health initiatives, How We Roll planting trees, and The Giving Movement building its entire brand around charitable donations. Other products are levelling up our home lives by improving our WFH experience (Ujji), helping us pursue new hobbies (Endless) or making sure we are as relaxed as possible (Stori).

What interesting brands have you spotted? Let us know.


The world’s first elevated scalp care brand? Jupiter makes dandruff-fighting hair and scalp care products.

Endless Ferments

Kombucha and sourdough starters in a can, so you can make your own fermented food and drink at home.


A smart storage system to keep your weed as fresh and potent as possible, made by cannabis education company, RCU.


Boxers with pockets? Jambys is a hybrid of your favorite boxers and basketball shorts.


Non-alcoholic spirits with punchy, all-natural flavours, made in Antwerp.


A ‘work and wellness’ powder that promotes calm and focus, containing matcha, cacao and adaptogens.

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