Misfits Market

    Mitten S 1 Review

    5 months ago

    After being a weekly customer for nearly two years, I’ve sadly stopped shopping with Misfits Market due to a steady increase in poor experiences over time. It’s unclear whether there’s been significant management turnover or a fundamental shift in fulfillment practices, but operations have degraded significantly since 2021. I’ve repeatedly provided direct feedback to the company about these changes, yet the quality decline has persisted and intensified. 1) There’s been a substantial, sustained increase in the amount of product arriving unusable. It’s not the result of transit damage, but instead poor and negligent origin packing. They claim to prioritize preventing food waste, yet boxes now routinely include heavy and fragile products thrown haphazardly together without protection, leaking cooling packs, unwrapped broken glass, dented cans, and bruised/split/rotten produce. 2) Missing items and picking mix-ups have also increased. Either they’ve transitioned to a far worse inventory platform or staff training has gone way downhill (or both). 3) The website and app have become increasingly buggy, with usability issues while shopping, redeeming rewards, and reporting order issues. A few of these glitches resulted in unprocessed refunds, erroneous double rewards redemptions, and other financial headaches that necessitated multiple follow ups to correct. 4) Support that used to be provided instantaneously via automated prompts is now handled via email. Reported issues can take days to resolve, and it’s a crapshoot whether the agent responding can competently resolve them after one contact. 5) Other than a small subset of produce and heavily discounted short-dated items, pricing for most inventory is now on par with, or in some cases MORE expensive, than at a local grocery/retail store or competing online source. The platform no longer offers a competitive consumer advantage (outside of perhaps serving food deserts with no other sourcing options).

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