Maia K 1 Review

    a year ago

    I've been taking Looni for about three months now, and really saw a change in my cycle after month two. For background, I suffer from extremely painful PMS and periods, including cramps, migraines, complete depletion of energy, etc. Since taking Looni, I have seen a significant reduction in all of those symptoms, my energy levels are not nearly as low as they once were, and I feel overall more "even" over the course of that week. I've suffered from hormonal anxiety and depression for a long time, and definitely see a lift from that as well - I no longer need to rely on prescription medication to combat the general angst I experience during and leading up to my period. I have recommended Looni to every one I know with a period, and my advice is to take it for at least two-three months to appreciate the full effects.