Tata Harper

    Brooke M 1 Review

    10 months ago

    I've tried most of Tata Harper's products – this line is incredible. Clean beauty brands get a bad rap for being less efficacious, but Tata Harper's thoughtful, considered ingredients and products that suit a wide variety of needs help them stand out amongst the clean beauty brands, and compete with the more traditional beauty offerings. Their Regenerating Cleanser and Resurfacing Mask will always be in my rotation. I learned in a Tata Harper class years ago that these can be used in tandem for a "5 minute facial." Every so often they do a promo for the Resurfacing Mask where they sell a huge one – I buy it every time! I've also gotten myself, mom, and sisters all hooked on the Hyaluronic Gel Moisturizer – it's a great lightweight, but super nourishing hydration boost that's easily layered over serums. Most recently, I tried the Superkind Refining Cleanser – as someone with sensitive, dry skin, this cleanser has been incredible. I love being able to exfoliate, but can easily overdo it, and this has been a really great, more gentle option. My only "knock" is the price point – it's expensive! But honestly, the products are so good that I've bought them over and over. Absolutely worth price if you can swing it.