• Coralcone

    Camilla G 1 Review

    a year ago

    What I Immediately Noticed Is The Grips. Very Important For Those Of Us Living With Disabilities. When My Pelvis Was Shattered, I Was Unable To Use A Tampon. The Pad Always Leaked Onto My Wheelchair And Bed. I Knew Using A Cup Would Be My Only Option. Having A Uterus Which Fluctuates Effects Which Cup Is Most Comfortable. Not Having Feelings In My Pelvis Effects How Often I Need To Empty. Long Story Short, I Was Able To Comfortably Wear Coral Cone Size 1 On My Low Cervix And Light Day. During My Heavy Days, I Wear The Size 2. I Change 4-5 Times (I Clot A Lot) But I'm Able To Feel (Comfortably) When It's Time To Empty.


    Adding A Size 3, 30-35 ML