Shawn S 1 Review

    6 months ago

    My hygienist recommended this toothpaste. I have to say that I don’t like the toothpaste! The taste is not that bad. I can live with it. It just seems as though the toothpaste does not keep my teeth as clean throughout the day and I have to brush more often. I actually went off the deep end when my hygienist recommended the toothpaste. I am a big teeth product person. I’m also very into dental health, so I bought 4 tubes all at once. That was a big mistake! I’ve used one tube and I rotate the Hello Charcoal tube, to ensure that I don’t use it so often, but honestly I am at war with yourself in my decision to scrap the remaining 2 tubes. I can’t STAND the film that develops over my teeth throughout the day! I brush in the morning when I wake and go off to tackle my day. Half way through the day I feel my teeth developing the film and I simply can’t make it to my before bed brushing! This is horrible and I hate it. And this is why I just want to bite the bullet throw the remaining product AWAY, but I don’t want to waste the money used to purchase the product. What I do know is, I will NEVER buy this product EVER again or recommend it to anyone. The teef film that develops over the course of the day is just TOO much for me to handle.