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Drive retailer velocities, leverage shopper insights with retail buyers, get discovered on the shelf, and gather real reviews.

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  • Retail velocity support

    Set up seamless in-store or online retailer promotions in under 5 minutes.

  • Community-powered discovery

    Tap into our 1M+ shoppers passionate about trying new things.

  • Real-time shopper insights

    Leverage 1st party data and feedback to better understand shoppers and improve buyer relationships.

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Brands featured on ThingtestingBrands featured on Thingtesting
Brands featured on ThingtestingBrands featured on Thingtesting

Measurable ROI at any size or ad budget

Unlike other shopper marketing platforms, brands can run successful campaigns regardless of size or spend. Drive traffic to campaigns that are also showcased to Thingtesting's community of 1M+ product advocates.

Campaign goal

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Monthly Campaign Results

Recommended offer type:Free
Campaign reach:15000
Units sold total:$5,625
New monthly customers:750
Verified reviews:300
Customer insights:3300

How omnichannel brands use Thingtesting

After setting up our campaign on Thingtesting, we got our first order in about eight minutes. I could not believe that I could get feedback that quickly after launching. And that’s all we wanted, that is to know what they like or dislike about our product, and where they would be looking for a product like this.

Chris HemingwayTaylor of Brooklyn

Using Thingtesting has been a great way to drive a lot of trial, get a lot of reviews that we can then use for social content or our website, and just get some really good feedback from customers at a larger scale in a very unbiased way. We can also connect with consumers who prefer to buy in retail, which is where we want to grow the most.

Kalle FreeseTaika

I would recommend Thingtesting for three reasons: It is a very efficient use of spend, it is a great brand awareness play, and it can increase velocities not just at stores, but also in driving trials. The conversion rate is exceptionally high, because Thingtesting has built a community that is willing to try.

Amy CohnJoydays

How it works

In as little as 5 minutes, you can launch your own campaign.


Create and launch a campaign

Claim or create your brand page, enter details of your product and offer (free, BOGO, or discount) and where people can buy. Ready, Set, Go!


Relax. We take care of everything.

We analyze receipts uploaded by customers, verify reviews, validate purchases and process reimbursements. We also remind users to claim your offer!


Crush your goals with smarter insights

Access reviews, survey responses, and custom insights on channels, NPS, LTV, and more. Make faster, smarter decisions to help grow your brand. See it all in real-time in your dashboard.


Real-time purchase and product insights

Understand who your customers are even when they're shopping in-store. Get immediate customer analysis and feedback that helps improve product, marketing, distribution and sales pitches.

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Acquire 1st and 2nd party data at scale

Identify your biggest fans by launching campaigns with integrated custom surveys and offers. Gain valuable customer data to run future campaigns through social media, out of home or other channels.

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Drive sales with unlimited campaigns

Develop as many custom branded shopper marketing landing pages as you need. No tech required! Create unique offers for each of your sales channels. Simply upload product images, complete a few details and launch! We manage everything else for you.

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    Key features

  • Run unlimited online and offline retailer campaigns

  • Real-time shopper insights through pre and post-trial surveys

  • Promote your campaigns on Thingtesting

  • Gather real reviews and build social proof

  • Transaction costs

  • 20% of reimbursement value

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