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Hazy Daisy Coffee makes organic, high quality coffee using a unique roasting technique.


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a year ago

Friends with Hazy Daisy Coffee

I am a pretty universal coffee drinker - I like starbucks coffee, I like bodega coffee, I like a nice latte from the expensive local place, I like whatever I buy at the grocery store to brew in my ninja. Hazy Daisy coffee has changed my coffee game. It is delicious! It's nutty, it's smooth. It tastes and smells like a good morning.


I had to get a grinder because the beans come whole, but aside from that extra step 1 x per week, it's really worth it. It's a little more expensive than the beans I buy at the grocery store, so I actually use Hazy Daisy as my weekend coffee when I can sit and enjoy it. I wish there were bulk discounts and the beans came ground, but it's delicious and worth it.