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Fohm recreated toilet paper to be an eco-friendly and plumbing-safe flushable wipe.

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2 years ago

Originally bought a Fohm dispenser for my boyfriend as a semi-joke gift during the height of COVID, but the joke is on me because I now can’t imagine my bathroom without this little guy! If you’re someone who likes the *fresh* feeling of a bathroom wipe but hates the wastefulness (or just has a septic system that can’t handle them!) then you need this product. Somehow the Fohm foam magically makes toilet paper into a moist cleaning experience without any of the shredding that water causes in the same application. Have tried it across a bunch of TP types (traditional paper as well as bamboo) and it holds up. We have reordered refills and continue to love it. The scent is nice too - good smelling but not irritating for the sensitive body parts it serves. The charge on the pump also lasts for over a year with light daily use.


We have the countertop unit and I will say it was confusing to know how to make it work at first - we thought you had to turn on the power button for it to dispense, when it actually just needs to be pushed on and then motion senses. It’s possible that has been changed since I first purchased though.