Your guide to internet-born brands.


Personalized protein powder? Gainful products are precisely formulated by dietitians to provide supplements suited to customers unique physiology, dietary restrictions, and fitness goals.


Best value, stainless steel cookware? Potluck makes quality kitchenware, sold directly to you, so you end up paying half.


Making safety seamless to get you moving? Thousand makes bike and skateboard helmets for urban commuters.

Robin Golf

Golf clubs for the modern-day player? Robin Golf is a new golf brand that makes men's, women's, and kids' sets, made in the same factories and with the same materials as luxury brands.


The sausage party you've been waiting for? Seemore makes tasty sausages made with meat and fresh veggies.


Is future hair loss a thing of the past? Keeps makes doctor-supported, FDA-approved, affordable treatment plans to stop hair loss.


First-aid that moves with you? Welly makes fabric bandages and ointments in handy tins that can go on any adventure to keep you prepared.


Bamboo toilet paper? Bippy is on a mission to preserve forests from the bottom up.


Multi purpose prayer mats? Niyya designs prayer mats to be contemporary in style while honoring tradition.


Exploring our connection with the ocean? Haeckels makes natural and sustainable daily skincare products.

Swedish Stockings

Eco-friendly tights out of recycled yarn? After learning that traditional pantyhose are petroleum products planned, Swedish Stockings was founded with the mission to change and influence the entire hosiery industry.


Haircare inspired by the principles of Ayurveda? Chāmpo Hair Care creates hair care powered by active botanicals.


Birth control online? Nurx is a healthcare services company and telehealth platform designed to put women in control of their own health.


Tampons delivered to your door? Ohne makes 100% organic cotton tampons for when you're on your period, and cycle care products for when you're not.


Generation Z skincare? Plenaire is a UK-based ethical skincare brand with a mission to create a range of inclusive, aspirational products for young consumers.

Beni Rugs

Handmade Moroccan rugs - customized by you? Beni Rugs is the digital destination for made-to-order Moroccan Rugs.


An at-home piercing service? Rowan offers a concierge piercing service, and provides earrings for teenage girls as a monthly earring subscription or a single products.

Minor Figures

Enjoy better coffee? Minor Figures is a London-based coffee brand that makes coffee products for coffee lovers.


Kind of like tea - kind of like sparkling water? Minna wanted to create a better sparkling beverage, inside and out. Minna means “everyone” - donating 1% of sales to non-profits advocating for inclusion.

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