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Non-alcoholic spirits with punchy, all-natural flavours, made in Antwerp.


The world’s first elevated scalp care brand? Jupiter makes dandruff-fighting hair and scalp care products.


Reinventing sperm storage? Dadi makes at-home male fertility tests - the easiest and fastest way to test and store your sperm.


A smart storage system to keep your weed as fresh and potent as possible, made by cannabis education company, RCU.

Ten Little

Healthy shoes for little feet? Ten Little is a children's shoe company aiming to give you perfectly fit and physician-approved shoes that fit your little ones.

Herb & Olive

Elevate your cooking? Herb & Olive makes a premium blend of organic olive oil and CBD.


Real food for cats? Smalls is a direct-to-consumer cat food company that makes healthy, real food recipes carefully formulated for your cat.

Modern Fertility

At-home fertility test? Modern Fertility is a comprehensive female fertility test that can be taken at home.

The Cereal School

A new type of cereal? The Cereal School is a functional food company that reinvented the sugary cereals from childhood by replacing the carbs and sugar with high-quality protein and monk fruit.


Biodegradable clothes? EVERYBODY.WORLD makes 100% cotton, biodegradable and gender neutral basics, made in LA since 2016.

Winc Wines

Discover the wine of your dreams? Winc Wines is an online wine club that makes exploring wines fun and easy.


CBD infused sparkling water? Weller is a wellness company that’s out to change the way you think about snacking and wellness.


Natural deodorant that works? Wild is a sustainable natural deodorant delivered straight to your door.

Way Running

Running for a better future? Way Running a new line of sustainable running shoes.


Natural alcohol-free mouthwash? Waken creates mouthwash with natural mint, bottled in beautiful endlessly recyclable aluminum.


Good skincare for all? Versed Skincare is non-toxic, vegan, sustainably-minded skincare brand powered by experts.

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