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Goodboy is a direct-to-consumer pet wellness and lifestyle brand delivering unique, premium, and high quality products specifically targeted and tailored to fit the needs of your individual pup.

Front of the Pack

Dog supplements led by love, backed by science? Front of the Pack makes a pure powder format supplement with clinically-proven ingredients, guaranteed to make your pup thrive.


The most innovative, convenient, and versatile pet gear ever. Designed for both you and your dog.

Alvar Pet

Alvar Pet is on a mission to minimize carbon pawprints. Making climate-friendly choices for your furry friend isn't always easy – until now!


Say hello to Reggie — the first dog supplement built to form a lasting regimen for you and your dog.


Dog food with nothing to hide: we share the full story, journey and sustainable impact of each meal from farm to bowl.


Dogdrop provides better, more accessible dog daycare at their physical locations, along with modern dog essentials delivered to your door.


Wellness for city dogs? Maev delivers holistic nutrition solutions, like food and supplements, for urban dogs.


Nutritional supplements for dogs, covering everything from joint pain to behavioural issues.


Formulated by specialists, Ziggy makes cat food using French meats and healthy vegetables.


Dog beds worth dreaming over? Laylo makes design-forward dog beds that blend in with your home's decor.


Real food for cats? Smalls is a direct-to-consumer cat food company that makes healthy, real food recipes carefully formulated for your cat.

Pet Plate

Fresh dog food delivered? Pet Plate delivers ready-to-eat personalized meals freshly cooked for your dog.

Nom Nom

Fresh food for dogs and cats, delivered? Nom Nom makes healthy food for cats and dogs formulated by vets.

Max Bone

Elevating the pet industry? Max Bone is a luxury pet brand, with products that are thoughtfully designed to fit all dog breeds and sizes while enhancing your pet's comfort and style.


Smart dog treats? Dandy makes personalized, vet-formulated vitamin treats made with natural ingredients for happier, healthier dogs.

Itch Pet

Flea treatments for dogs and cats? Itch Pet is a flea treatment subscription delivered through your letterbox.


Modern art for pet lovers? Animalist creates personalized posters of your four-legged companion.

Wild One

Pet accessories and essentials? Wild One has a full set of pet essentials that make walks and park visits easier and more joyful, for both pets and their people.


Labels so clean they make humans drool? Jinx creates premium dog food for modern dogs.

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