Your guide to internet-born brands.


Personalized protein powder? Gainful products are precisely formulated by dietitians to provide supplements suited to customers unique physiology, dietary restrictions, and fitness goals.


First-aid that moves with you? Welly makes fabric bandages and ointments in handy tins that can go on any adventure to keep you prepared.


Is future hair loss a thing of the past? Keeps makes doctor-supported, FDA-approved, affordable treatment plans to stop hair loss.


Birth control online? Nurx is a healthcare services company and telehealth platform designed to put women in control of their own health.


Premium hemp products for wellness and skincare? Prima makes botanical-based products for skincare, therapeutic bodycare and holistic wellness.


Multivitamin made for plant-based people? Holierlife makes supplements to help fill in the gaps for those leading a vegan, vegetarian or plant-based lifestyle.


A dose of calm for the whole family? Hero Health is a a smart medication dispenser, manager and pill organizer.


Wellness shots for everybody? Benni makes all natural and vegan wellness shots focused on improving immunity and sleep.


The next-gen multivitamin? Dosely makes plant-based multivitamins delivered to your doorstep in habit friendly packaging.


Essential products for birth recovery, postpartum, and breastfeeding? Bodily is committed to providing research-backed information and products to new parents and their supporters.


Allergy relief delivered to you? Curist sells doctor-curated and FDA-approved products customized to relieve your allergy symptoms at half the brand price.

Elysium Health

NAD+ is not a fad? Elysium develops dietary supplement products with the help of the world's top scientists, and delivers them straight from the lab to your door.


Affordable custom night guards? Cheeky delivers clean and comfy night guards to teeth grinders direct-to-consumer.

The Nue Co

Redefining supplements? The Nue Co. makes supplements using ingredients that do not harm people or the planet.

Four Sigmatic

Bringing feel-good Nordic traditions to the world? Four Sigmatic is a food and beverages company that specialises in mushroom based products.

Life Fuels

A three-part hydration system? Lifefuels' smart water bottle and FuelPods help you stay hydrated by turning ordinary water into a beverage packed with flavor, essential vitamins, and nutrients.


A herbal two-step travel remedy? Jet Set Natural is a two-step travel remedy consisting of herbs, vitamins, and minerals for relief of symptoms associated with jet lag.


Plant-based marine omega? Simris is a Swedish supplement brand that makes state-of-the-art plant-based omega-3.


A vitamin company for vitamin skeptics? Nutri-Rich designs vitamins with a focus on better sourcing, expert formulations, rigorous quality standards, and real transparency.


Personalized synbiotics? Mybacs combines pre and probiotics into personalized gut-health products directly delivered to your door.

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