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Apothékary is a herbal apothecary that uses science and plant-based medicine to heal our modern day ailments.


We're building the world's most sustainable medicine brand. Today we sell 30 OTC medicines across everyday needs such as cough and cold, allergies, pain relief, sleep aids, and digestive health.


Airinum is a Swedish face mask brand that empowers individuals to breathe clean air - mask up in style!


Natural and effective body care? Curie makes clean, safe, and effective deodorants for people who move.


We’re Uqora 👋 the people looking after your urinary tract with our proactive care and UTI relief products, so you can get back to living.

Adour and Kin

Founded on the maxim that ageless beauty, optimal vitality and lasting wellness can be achieved through the mindful use of nutraceuticals.


A curated selection of small-batch, premium artisan CBD products. Allay partners with nonprofits that help you do good while feeling good.

Veda Warrior

We make plant-based vitamins for stress relief that are customized to your mind, body & spirit. Designed by the ancients, proven by science.


Prescriptions, delivered to your door and covering everything from heart to sexual health.

Magic Mind

A productivity drink designed for long-term improvement in cognition stress and energy.


A better way to feel better? Feals delivers premium CBD drops to your doorstep.


Natalist makes beautiful, evidence-backed fertility and pregnancy essentials with a net-zero plastic footprint. Their team of moms has been there and is making the journey better for others.


Populum uses proprietary formulation of rich full-spectrum hemp extracts to deliver the most effective CBD supplements, skincare & pet products on the market.


Wellness starts from WTHN. WTHN is ancient medicine for modern life, offering organic herbal supplements, acupuncture and lifestyle tools to help you look and feel your best.


Affordable custom night guards? Cheeky delivers clean and comfy night guards to teeth grinders direct-to-consumer.


Feel like your best self every day with amino acid infused mood chews that are designed to lift your mood.


MANTLE is the wellness brand of the future, building a health and beauty universe powered by cannabis. Scandi-born, Swiss-grown, THC-free.


Seed develops broad spectrum and targeted consumer probiotics from strain-specific research validated in human clinical trials.


While most children's vitamins are candy in disguise, we've reimagined the daily children's multivitamin -- 15 essentials and zero sugar.

Herb Essentls

Cannabis infused skincare—designed to help your skin help itself.

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