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Subscribe to freshly grown veg. Willo is a vertical farming startup that lets customers buy directly from its plots.

Stasher Bag

Cook it, freeze it, store it? Stasher makes endlessly reusable, non-toxic silicone storage bags.


The sausage party you've been waiting for? Seemore makes tasty sausages made with meat and fresh veggies.

Raaka Chocolate

Vegan chocolate? Raaka makes dark chocolate from scratch with transparently traded, single origin cacao in Red Hook, Brooklyn.


Reinvented food storage? Silo makes a vacuum-sealing container system that keeps your food fresh longer.

Overeasy Foods

A delicious breakfast without the hassle? Overeasy breakfast bars are made from oats, egg whites, nut butter, and fruit.

Verb Energy

90 calories and as much caffeine as an espresso? Verb Energy wants you to try, subscribe and stay focused with their energy bars.


Eat less meat, waste less food and save time? Huel makes a collection of nutritionally complete, affordable meals and snacks.

Porter Road

Pasture raised meat delivered to your door? Porter Road offers high quality cuts of meat - a la carte or subscription - with no antibiotics, hormones, or additives.


Upgrading your nutrition one meal at a time? Plantable offers nutrient packed, plant-based, chef-prepared meals delivered to your door, with guidance from your own personal coach.


Skip the meal-prep and avoid the mess? Blix creates chef-curated superfood smoothies, savory soups, & spreads that mix easily in a proprietary blender.

Mosaic Foods

Hand-made, plant-powered food. Delivered? Mosaic Foods is reinventing the frozen meal industry, making healthy eating easy & fighting food waste.

Dream Pops

Frozen snacking reimagined? Dream Pops is a plant-based and nutrient dense treat with a creamy consistency much like ice cream.

Red Clay Hot Sauce

Cold-pressed, barrel-aged, and mouth-watering flavor? Red Clay is a southern hot sauce company bringing a fresh kind of heat.

Voila Coffee

Voilà is specialty instant coffee. Every cup is meticulously crafted from the best specialty coffees in the world to precise extractions: upholding quality from farm to cup.


CBD chewing gum? Favourgum is a functional chewing gum powered by higher-bioavailability CBD, created to make you feel good.

Future Noodles

100% plant-based instant noodles that are tasty, affordable, convenient and above all healthy for you and our planet.


Yummy edible beauty? Golde makes superfood health and beauty products for every body.

Herb & Olive

Elevate your cooking? Herb & Olive makes a premium blend of organic olive oil and CBD.

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