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Plant-based protein for planet-based people? Lupii makes lupini bean-powered protein bites with minimal whole ingredients.

Over Easy

Mornings are tough, let breakfast be on us. Real food. No Junk. No stress. A better breakfast bar, for better mornings...and better days!


Golde makes superfood self-care for all, from latte blends to skincare.


CBD chewing gum? Favour is a functional chewing gum powered by higher-bioavailability CBD, created to make you feel good.


A food technology company that locks fresh nutrients into a convenient pouch. The baby food line is designed to mix with breastmilk.


Super fresh spices grown for flavor. From small organic family farms across India directly to you.

Seemore Meats & Veggies

Seemore Meats & Veggies is a veggie-forward meat company founded and led by women on a mission it easier and more fun for you to eat well.


A new food delivery service that makes dinner parties a realistic option for busy New Yorkers.

Pot Gang

A grow-your-own fruit, veg and herb subscription, with monthly deliveries of seasonal seeds, pots, compost and loads of support.


NUGGS utilize an advanced technology that enables a hyper-realistic simulation of the texture & flavor of an animal-based nugget.


CaviAir is bringing transparency and cool factor to fish eggs, and delivers caviar direct-to-consumer.


Brightland is a modern pantry essentials brand that celebrates traceable supply chain and elevated design. Brightland's hero products are olive oils and vinegars from California.


Meet your new pantry shortcut! Rip-and-pour "starters" pack all the sauces, aromatics, + seasonings needed for your favorite Asian dish. ⁣


Swoon is on a mission to take sugar out of society. This starts with replacing your favorite sugary drinks without sacrificing sweetness.

Herb & Olive

Elevate your cooking? Herb & Olive makes organic extra virgin olive oil products. Some contain whole plant CBD to elevate your mind too.

The Wally Shop

Wally Shop delivers products waste-free in returnable packaging.


Introducing the first-ever, bake-from-frozen subscription box for clean carbs: sourdough breads, fresh pastas, and artisanal pastries.

Fly by Jing

Uncensored Chinese flavors. Fly by Jing creates deeply flavorful Sichuan spices and sauces to power your food at-home.


Lucy is a nicotine chewing gum, a tobacco alternative that tastes and feels amazing.

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