Your guide to internet-born brands.

Aura Bora

Earthly tastes and heavenly feelings? Aura Bora makes sparkling sodas from fruit, herbs and flowers.


Prebiotic soda for all? Poppi makes delicious and healthy probiotic beverages.

Golden Ratio

Turning water into gold? Golden Ratio has created a new way of drinking coffee that tastes more like tea, less acidic and easy to brew -- all while providing the caffeine you expect from coffee.


What to drink when you're not drinking? Seedlip is the world’s first distilled non-alcoholic spirit.


Molecular spirits? Glyph Whiskey is the world’s first molecular whiskey, made by the team at Endless West - no aging or barreling needed.

Endless West

Makers of molecular spirits? Glyph Whiskey is the world’s first molecular whiskey, made by the team at Endless West - no aging or barreling needed.


Reinventing the way we drink water at home? Mitte takes out harmful microorganisms, organic and inorganic substances in tap water with a proprietary patent-pending distillation.


The future of water is gastronomic? Minvino sells water designed to support and elevate the taste experience of different styles of wine.

Minor Figures

Enjoy better coffee? Minor Figures is a London-based coffee brand that makes coffee products for coffee lovers.

Four Sigmatic

Bringing feel-good Nordic traditions to the world? Four Sigmatic is a food and beverages company that specialises in mushroom based products.

Life Fuels

A three-part hydration system? Lifefuels' smart water bottle and FuelPods help you stay hydrated by turning ordinary water into a beverage packed with flavor, essential vitamins, and nutrients.


Coffee-grinds inspired by an iconic london-based coffee shop? Grind sells 100% certified organic, whole-bean and ground coffee and compostable Nespresso pods.


The first Asian-inspired sparkling water? Sanzo uses real fruit + no added sugars to deliver sparkling water with traditional Asian flavors.


Kind of like tea - kind of like sparkling water? Minna wanted to create a better sparkling beverage, inside and out. Minna means “everyone” - donating 1% of sales to non-profits advocating for inclusion.


Sparkling probiotic beverages? Mayawell makes crisp, sparkling probiotic beverages made with organic, hand-harvested agave.


Canned cocktails? Loverboy makes low calorie, zero added sugar, gluten-free alcohol drinks in a can.


Wine in a can? Bev is a female-founded alcohol beverage brand that connects with the modern millennial woman.


Destination for all things specialty coffee? The coffee experts at Dayglow have carefully curated an extensive selection of specialty coffee from the world's most celebrated and underrated roasters.

Curious Elixirs

Curiously complex booze-free cocktails? Curious Elixirs makes craft cocktails without the booze.

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