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Hard sodas flavoured with fresh, wonky fruits.

Air Company

A technology & luxury goods company creating products that shape our future. Like the world's highest quality & most sustainable spirit.


Bonbuz is a drinks innovation co. crafting the first ever alcohol-free alchemy spirit packed with functional ingredients for social hype.


NON has been developed to raise the bar on non-alcoholic drinking. Developed by chefs, NON beverages are complex, irreverent and delicious.


Freestar is a world beer award winning IPA-style lager with a citrus edge. It's unique production process emits 90% less Co2 than other beer

Kin Euphorics

A new kind of nightlife beverage for conscious connection. Kin Euphorics offers alcohol-free beverages with a kick.


The best coffee, ground and brewed on its best day, frozen in a perfect state of deliciousness, ready to be melted by you.

Good One

Craft hard sodas made with fresh, natural and raw ingredients. Unique and interesting flavours. Low cal, low carb, vegan and gluten free.


A plant enhanced hydration mix for an open mind and an active life. Scientifically designed to help you move happy.

Hi! Human Improvement

An extraordinary superfood protein powder to boost gut health, energy & mood.The secret ingredient? Sustainable superfood, cricket powder!

Sun Chaser

Sun Chaser is the alcohol-free drink designed to give you a buzz. 60 calories, 0% ABV, no caffeine, and of course, hangover-free!

Eight Thirty

Little packets of deliciousness. We make 100% natural flavour boosts. Instantly transforms bland breakfasts!


Soothing lattes for anytime of the day and night? Oat milk lattes infused with hemp extract and functional ingredients for calm and clarity.


Non-alcoholic spirits with punchy, all-natural flavours. Made by distilling exclusive high-quality herbs. No additives. Made in Antwerp.

Aura Bora

Aura Bora makes sparkling water with herbs, fruits, and flowers for earthly tastes and heavenly feelings.

Goodmylk Co

Alt-mylk for those who expect better. No gums, binders, preservatives or oils. Always organic.

Adour and Kin

Founded on the maxim that ageless beauty, optimal vitality and lasting wellness can be achieved through the mindful use of nutraceuticals.

Magic Mind

A productivity drink designed for long-term improvement in cognition stress and energy.

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