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Swoon is on a mission to take sugar out of society. This starts with replacing your favorite sugary drinks without sacrificing sweetness.

Kib Herbal Tea

Planet-positive and flavour-forward herbal teas made from ingredients grown using regenerative farming methods.


Dose is changing the conventional better-for-you standard through functional shots with a prime focus on efficacy, transparency, and taste.

Free Rain

Free Rain is the naturally enhanced sparkling water for those seeking more: more flavor, more function, more feeling.


SAMMEE boba kits provide a curated experience that will make you a boba connoisseur overnight.

Punchy Drinks

Punchy makes premium, natural, delicious, adult soft drinks.


AVEC is changing what you mix with your alcohol for the better: tastier, healthier & simpler. All ingredients and low calorie/sugar.


Sunwink is a sparking herbal wellness tonic made of herbs that are good for your body and the planet.


A healthy alternative to soda, OLIPOP makes sparkling tonics with prebiotics, botanicals and plant fiber for a happy, healthy gut.

Bean Bros.

The best specialty coffees? Bean Bros is a monthly coffee subscription box for coffee lovers around the world.

Jaja Tequila

JAJA is a small batch tequila that brings laughter and celebration to family and friends.

Glyph Spirit

Glyph is the world’s first molecular spirit — no aging or barreling needed, made overnight in California.

The Qi

The most gorgeous sensory ritual experience for the mind, body, and spirit? Healing whole flower teas for inner and outer beauty.


Barista quality coffee in two minutes? Dripkit coffee packs are ready-to-brew so you can make great coffee anywhere.

Copper Cow

Vietnamese coffees at home? Copper Cow delivers single-serve drip filters with sachets of condensed milk creamers.

Four Sigmatic

Bringing feel-good Nordic traditions to the world? Four Sigmatic is a food and beverages company that specialises in mushroom based products.


Hand-picked wines at affordable prices, delivered to your door.


Functional wellness drinks made with clinically-effective levels of adaptogens.


Matcha to-go? Motto brews premium sparkling matcha tea.

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