Your guide to internet-born brands.


No more need for plastic? Unbottled is a French startup that makes solid shower and bathing products that don't need bottling up.


Superfood bath soaks? Homebody makes bath bomb powders infused with full-spectrum CBD and plant extracts.

Unbound Babes

Looking to discover the radical possibilities of pleasure? Unbound Babes is an emerging leader in changing how people explore and enjoy their sex lives.


Personal care, reimagined? Nécessaire creates body and sex care products with an emphasis on clean, sustainable, and inclusive beauty.

Leaf Shave

A better way to shave? Leaf Shave makes modern, plastic-free razors and tools for folks with hair.

Henry Rose

Genderless scents? Henry Rose creates fine fragrance collections with transparent, verified ingredients.


Shaves without the waste? Rockwell Razors' double-edge razor blades come with personalized shave settings that promise an easy shave, adjustable to everyone's skin and hair.


Grooming gear, guaranteed for life? Supply makes stainless steel safety razors and grooming accessories with quality, durability, and functionality in mind.


The Apple of the skincare industry? Foreo is a Swedish beauty and wellness brand, known for their facial cleansing massagers.


The most comfortable period of your life? Flex makes alternative period products, and are known for their single-use 12-hour wear menstrual disc.


Tampons delivered to your door? Ohne makes 100% organic cotton tampons for when you're on your period, and cycle care products for when you're not.

Tan Revel

A perfect tan in two minutes? Tanrevel is a steam-based self-tanning machine for home use.


A teeth whitening toothpaste combo? Twice makes two types of toothpaste, one for daytime use and one for nighttime use.


Generation Z skincare? Plenaire is a UK-based ethical skincare brand with a mission to create a range of inclusive, aspirational products for young consumers.


Plant-powered deodorant‎? Myro is a refillable natural deodorant subscription.

Summer Fridays

Friday feeling for your skin? Summer Fridays makes skincare products with good-for-you ingredients that will relieve your stressed out skin.


Natural toothpaste backed by science? Risewell makes toothpaste,100% safe, natural and effective.


Natural hair care? Playa blends naturally potent, safer ingredients into five everyday beachy hair essentials for salon-worthy results with a minimal footprint.

Loli Beauty

Clean, conscious, and zero waste skincare? LOLI is a Zero Waste Beauty™ brand with products that are never diluted or polluted, always food-grade, fair-trade, organic, and ethical.

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